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Talk to SEO Agency Ballarat today! Implementing Local SEO for business is the quickest way for you to get to the top of Google’s local listings. And guess what? There’s never been a faster, surer and more lucrative way to send your sales soaring into the stratosphere.

Not only does being at the top of Google’s local listing vastly elevate your customer traffic and sales, but it also introduces your business to the local community surrounding you. Engaging with this important audience will help build you an online following and generate a popular buzz for your site.

This community of untapped local sales is interwoven with the new and emerging market of mobile users: 80% of online searches made from a Smartphone translate directly into an offline purchase, made a mere 24 hours later! And the popularity of mobile searches, and the opportunities for your business to cash in on this new wave, are only increasing more each day. It has never been easier for your business to shout from the rooftops: “I’m selling what you’re asking for; here’s how you can find me!”

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In order to crack this ever-growing market of mobile searches and Google local listing, your business will need to employ a geo-focused strategy. This will put you leagues ahead of any competition and plant you square in front of local customers looking precisely for your business. This is evident in the fact that 4 out of 5 search engine users report using Google maps to find information about their local businesses. By using a geo-focused strategy, you can make sure your business is front and centre when customers search for your niche, and this an unbeatable strategy for outranking even the big name corporation in terms of online sales and marketing.

Beyond designing a geo-focused strategy for your business, our search gurus are eager to set up your business with an optimised website, a business directory listing to manage location-based queries and create your Google My Business Profile. All of this is critical for associating your business and online site with a certain area in the eyes of local customers and search engines so that your local profile will be boosted to the top of search engine rankings – and sending your sales skyrocketing.

How SEO services Ballarat can kickstart your sales:

If you’re looking to greatly enhance your business local and regional exposure, then you simply can’t afford not to cash in on the 80% of local mobile searches that result in an offline purchase the day after. Nor can you afford to ignore the fact that 4 out of 5 local customers rely on Google maps and local listings to find their nearest relevant business.

Local intent is the next important key to boosting your sales that our search gurus will help you understand. It involves associating your business with a specific location. This is crucial to making the most of your location-based marketing strategy because consumers are relying on local intent now more than ever. Instead of searching for “SEO agency” consumers are now specifying their searches, such as “SEO agency Ballarat” to find a local business. More than half of online searches operate this way now and it can serve to vastly increase your local exposure.

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Why so many algorithms?

Can you guess why Google has introduced so many algorithms to help business unlock the local SEO boom? The answer is simple: mobile phones have become more popular and common than ever and this has led to an explosion of the mobile market. Facts such as 50% of mobile searches result in a physical store visit the very next day and 34% of consumers doing the same on a pc and tablet, show just how valuable the mobile market can be to ambitious businesses. But it doesn’t stop there: our search gurus have calculated that 78% of mobile searches result in an offline purchase and a whopping 71% of customers first Google the directions to a store before they visit! Astounding!

If this new and emerging mobile market sounds overwhelming and unwieldy, then don’t worry, Google has found a clever way to link it all back to local SEO. Namely, Google’s Local Pack: this process highlights the local businesses most relevant to a consumer’s search and negates the oftentimes tedious process of having to click through to a website. It also conveniently displays your businesses details such as reviews, opening hours, phone number and more.

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We hope this information has shown you how immensely valuable local SEO is and can be to your business. It has never been a more opportune time for your business to dive headfirst into the world of location-based marketing, and our geo-focused strategy is sure to boost your site to the top of Google’s local listing and help local customers find exactly what they’re looking for – you.

The truth is, if you’re looking to turn your local community into loyal and reoccurring customers, then you simply cannot afford to overlook ranking your business high on Google’s local listing. It is crucial for ensuring customers find you at the exact moment they search for you and place you ahead of your competition; no matter the size of your business, our strategy will ensure even the big name corporations won’t be able to keep up with you. Our SEO company Ballarat, Goliath Media, will optimise your local SEO so that anytime consumers think of your city or region, they’ll think of you too.

Talk to Goliath Media today; it’s time to secure your niche, expand your local and regional exposure and become the hero of your community. Location-based marketing, Local SEO, optimised business directory and local intent; leave all of this in the capable hands of our specialists and sit back and relax – and watch as your sales skyrocket!

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