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How a Local SEO Agency Warrnambool can expand your business

So how can the #1 SEO Agency Warrnambool help expand your business? Right outside the doors of your business is a local community ready to engage with you. Even as you read this, they are trawling through search engines on their phones, on their computers, looking for a local business to service their needs. And if your business isn’t at the top of Google’s local listings, then that community may never get the chance to see your website.

Studies show that more and more people are searching for local businesses within their city and region for goods and services. This surge in popularity has made location-based marketing an invaluable and essential tool, capable of helping your business to:

  • Capitalise on 80% of Smartphone searches directly converting to real-world purchases in your store the very next day
  • Communicate directly to your customers the message “I am only a street away and I have exactly what you need!”
  • Generate an astounding amount of new sales and customer traffic

Why your business can benefit from SEO services Warrnambool

Local SEO is the surest way to boost your website to the top of Google’s local listing, and this conveniently translates to increased exposure – in both your city and region.

Here at Goliath Media the #1 SEO agency in Warrnambool, we’re able to show you how location-based marketing is a reservoir of untapped potential for your business. Our search gurus are eager to help you:

  • Secure your niche in the ever-growing market of local searches
  • Set up a geo-focused strategy to capitalise on the growing demands of your local community
  • Employ Local SEO to outmanoeuvre the big brand names, regardless of the size of your business
  • Take care of the nitty-gritty, such as streamlining your website specifically for your community and optimise your My Google Business Directory

4 out of 5 customers rely solely on Google maps to direct them to their local businesses. This community of online customer traffic also expects certain details about your business to be readily available: what’s on sale and your opening hours are critical to facilitating potential customers from the browsing stage to the purchasing stage.

The reason you should contact SEO consultants Warrnambool now:

  • Outrank the big corporations in search results
  • Increase local and regional exposure – secure your niche

Wielding the powerful tool that is location-based marketing, our qualified team of Local SEO experts are ready to send your online market exposure skyrocketing. Furthermore, we’ll ensure your online business directory is up to date and maintains relevance for Google to associate your business with a specific region – consolidating your spot at the top of search engine rankings.

Pressing studies have discovered that specifying a location have now become present in well over half of Google searches. Local Intent is the term coined for this algorithm and it is a convenient way for customers to tell Google they want a SEO specialist in say, Brisbane, rather than anywhere else in Australia. Local listings on Google, and our geo-focused strategy will work together to make sure anytime a search specifies your region, your website is the first thing that pops up.

Local SEO and mobile users; two secrets to boost the sales of your company

The advantages of Local SEO have been cleverly optimised by Google for mobile platforms, following the wake of surging popularity. Google displays the top three businesses most relevant to a user’s search, at the top of the results page.

This process is called Google’s Local Pack and not only is this your foothold into dominating the local mobile search market, but also an important way to out-market your competition.

Users are much more likely to visit the site of the first three businesses they see, rather than scrolling further. Contacting an SEO company Warrnambool is the first step in making the most of this opportunity.

SEO Agency Warrnambool

Goliath Media; specialists in local SEO:

Our search gurus are qualified to actively benefit your online business, offering services such as:

  1. Increasing your online sales traffic through Local SEO and guiding customers from your local community
  2. By taking control of your niche in the local area of Warrnambool, you’ll be able to out-market your competition – including the big companies
  3. Integrate a geo-focused strategy designed to rapidly expand your company’s local exposure
  4. Cementing your business as the go-to face for Warrnambool and region’s community

Team with the #1 leading SEO Agency Warrnambool

The potential of Local SEO is undeniably significant, and it’s growing every single day. With over half of customers searching your store on mobile devices and proceeding to visit your store the day after, you cannot afford not to take advantage of the opportunities offered by location-based marketing. 78% of mobile searches in your local community lead to purchases in-store, and 71% of users admit they search the address of a business before they visit. Our SEO agency Warrnambool will help place your business at the top of local listings, so you can tap into these lucrative numbers.

Your community, your sales, your niche; experts here at Goliath Media will help you generate more success in all of these aspects. Get in touch with our team today for a professional strategy tailored to your business. Reaching the top rank on Googles local listings, out-selling the big name brands and securing your niche at the top spot of your city and region; it all starts with your local community.

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