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Getting your website to the top of Googles local listings is the most important thing you can do for your online presence, and you can do it right now. Are you ready to team with SEO Agency Wangaratta and be the first thing customers see when they search Google? Are you ready to see your sales explode dramatically? Are you ready to be at the forefront of your local community? If your answer to all these is yes, then you’re ready to master the lucrative craft of Local SEO.

Sitting at the top of Wangaratta’s local listing confers considerable advantages: it ensures your website is the first stop when potential customers search for nearby businesses.  Moreover, nowadays nearly every member of your local community possesses a mobile device, guaranteeing 24/7 searches looking for your business. By using local SEO, not only do you direct them to your site, but you send them a clear message: “I have what you need and I’m right here!”

Help your business take over with our local SEO Services Wangaratta

Searching for local, rather than big-name brands, is becoming astonishingly more popular among Google users with each passing day. 4 in 5 searchers rely on their Google Maps to find local businesses in their community. They are directed to your site via your online details; directions to your physical store, trading hours and products on sale all serve to direct traffic from the internet to your doors.

A proper professionally serviced SEO strategy that is geo-focused will shoot you to the top of your local online listings. This way, even when customers use Google, you will still appear before your competitors. Goliath Media can implement this strategy for you and ensure that your business is the first result for searches in your city and region. Using our specially designed location-based SEO, we will make sure you outrank even the big corporations, no matter the size of your business.

How SEO Agency Wangarrata can help you impact your market:

A team of specially trained Google gurus are standing by to guide your website through local listings and make sure you’re seen by your entire Wangaratta community. Get in touch with our SEO company Wangaratta and Our team at Goliath Media are qualified to build your business directory listing, specialising in location-based queries. On top of that, we’re able to spruce up your website with local SEO and ensure you Google My Business holds all the relevant details for catching as many sales as possible. It’s our goal to ensure your website gains as much local exposure as possible, controlling your niche’s market in Wangaratta and the surrounding regions.

  • More than half of customers using search engines now specify a location near them. It is critical they find you first.
  • Astonishingly, 8/10 of searches from mobile devices will translate directly to a real-world purchase only one day later.

These two stats show the growing demand for local businesses among customers in your community. But don’t worry, Goliath Media can offer you a service guaranteed to tap into this potential: it’s called local intent, which is the name for anytime a consumer specifies their Google search, in the way of region name or suburb. It is an invaluable tool used by any SEO agency in Wangaratta to expand community exposure. Instead of looking up just “SEO services” they might opt to specify “SEO services Wangaratta” Their search requests Google find them a business in their local region – which could end up being yours.

But why are more people searching locally?

Mobile devices have generated a new era of online consumership and customers have never before had such constant and all-encompassing coverage of your business and services. The convenience of Smartphones is another tool that Goliath Media will utilise to improve your exposure.

Another powerful tool our gurus will use to expand your online business is Google’s Local Pack. This algorithm, used by Google itself, conveniently highlights the top three business that is most relevant to a customer’s search. This process is specially optimised for mobile users, who are at the most exposure for being directed to your business and online profile via your company’s reviews and address.

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Get in touch with our SEO Agency Wangaratta now for your strategy:

The gurus here at Goliath Media have already engineered a strategy to streamline your website’s precipitous rise to the top of local listings, consolidating your niche and converting the local community of your city into an active and engaged customer base.

This is all backed by the powerful tool that is local SEO and it’s right at your fingertips. Our consultants will take things one step further, by combining the mobile search market with location-based marketing to bridge the space between your store and the local community surrounding it.

As every local search has a 50% chance to send a customer visiting your physical store, it is imperative that you maintain a spot at the top of the local listing in order to:

  1. Cash in on the local mobile user market, catching the 78% of customers who make a purchase in-store after they visit your site.
  2. Facilitate a steady stream of sales traffic in your surrounding region, as 71% of users search for the location of a business before they visit your store.

Local SEO services Wangaratta

This is only the beginning of our Local SEO services in Wangaratta. The popularity of local SEO shows, beyond a doubt, that there is a real community in your surrounding region that is reliant upon your Google Business Profile and online details in order to buy from your business.

So get in touch with Goliath Media today; our local SEO strategy will make sure local customers always know who to visit first – you.

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