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SEO Agency Shepparton uses the latest in marketing technology that can send your sales to incredible heights. All you need to do is get your business to the top of Google’s local listing; watch as your exposure among the local community and your site’s online buzz rise alongside your customer base.

The first step to making the most out of local SEO is understanding that the mobile search market has never been more popular than right now! For instance, 80% of searches from your local community will end up purchasing in-store just 24 hours later. And guess what? Making sure that your business is at the top of Google’s local listing is the best way to plant your business right in front of consumers searching for you, with the message “I’m right here and you can get me now!” loud and clear.

Don’t worry, SEO consultants Shepparton have a plan:

After getting your local community’s attention, the next step is to direct them straight to your business. This can be accomplished by a certified geo-focused strategy – exactly what we offer here at Goliath Media. It is absolutely imperative that you employ a strategy as soon as possible, as 4 out of five consumers admit to using Google maps to find information about local businesses. Furthermore, our geo-focused strategy will get you tremendous exposure, putting you in front of local customers from your city and region – not to mention, ranking you above the big-name competition, no matter the size or how established your company may be.

Our search gurus are qualified to help rack up traction on your local listings. Goliath Media’s strategy also includes:

  1. Boosting your bottom line by blowing up your local profile to the top of local rankings
  2. Handling the incoming of location-based queries by optimising your site’s business directory listing
  3. Associate your business with a local area, granting you limitless exposure with the local community
  4. Set up and maintain your Google My Business Profile and relevant website (if applicable)

What our SEO company Shepparton can do for you:

So why does local SEO matter? Well, the fact of the matter is, 4 out of every 5 Google Maps searches are made to find information about local businesses – such as yours. Even better, an offline purchase made in your store accompanies at least 80% of all local mobile searches.

Another reason local SEO is surging in popularity is that a process called local intent. Essentially, it’s Googles way of displaying the three most relevant businesses to a consumer’s search at the top of the engine’s results page. This makes those three businesses the most likely to attract the customer’s attention. To elaborate: rather than searching “SEO company” a consumer would instead search for “SEO company Shepparton” instead, to specify they want a SEO company in their region, rather than the world.

Why mobile optimisation is important?

Modern-day consumers have become accustomed to using their mobile devices to search for services or products at the exact moment they need them. In fact:

  1. 50% of people went to a physical store the day after they use mobile to search for local business
  2. 34% did the same on a different device, such as a tablet or home computer
  3. 78% of all location-based searches from a Smartphone end in a purchase order
  4. 71% of consumers say they only feel comfortable visiting a store if they’ve searched for its location before they visit

If your business or website is not optimised for mobile searches from your local community, then you are missing out on a ridiculous amount of potential sales. Mobiles are one of the largest forces behind the local SEO boom of the current market – precisely why SEO agency Shepparton incorporates mobile searches into our strategy.

Understanding how Google operates is an important part of mastering local SEO too. Google’s local pack is the number one tool that our search gurus insist on for your strategy. It allows the search result page to clearly display three relevant businesses alongside a consumer’s search; making the businesses relevant details such as trading hours, five-star reviews, phone number and location readily available.

SEO Agency Shepparton

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Here at Goliath Media, we understand that local SEO is one of the most important tools available for ensuring your businesses continued success among the local community. We also understand that a proper geo-focuses strategy will secure your niche and boost your business to the top of local listings in your region and city. When it comes to location-based marketing, we’re offering all this and more – so get in touch now to leave the competition in the dust.

The truth is, with local SEO and mobile searches gaining ever more popularity with each passing day, you simply can’t afford not to implement a geo-focused strategy that will optimise your website for local SEO. You need to make sure you are the first business that customers see when they search for local businesses and that your relevant details are up to date so you can guide them straight to your doors. That’s why you need local SEO.

As we’ve mentioned, there is a tonne of support statistics for precisely how local SEO can help your business and myriad reasons why the local market will explode in size even sooner now that its gained traction. But the simple truth is: Local SEO gives people the information they need to see your business. So come and see Goliath Media today. We’re waiting to connect you with your community.

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